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First time listener? 

If you're puzzled as to how to listen to a podcast, fear not! We are here to help you on your podcast-listener journey. 

Option #1 - iTunes

Sign into your iTunes account and search for 'Let's Discuss Show'.

You will see our show logo. (It's the same as the one to the left of this text.)

Once you've clicked on the logo it will take you to the Let's Discuss Podcast page on iTunes. Beneath the logo you will then see a button which says 'subscribe'.

Once subscribed the Let's Discuss Podcast will appear in your iTunes library, as well as your Podcasts App (see Option #3). 

Option #2 - Download from the Let's Discuss website

You can listen to every episode of Let's Discuss directly through the Let's Discuss website. 

Simply head to our podcast episodes page to listen to, and/or download, whichever episode you'd like to listen to. 

Option #3 - The Podcasts App

You can easily listen and subscribe to any podcasts via the Podcasts App. 

This app automatically (and magically!) shows up on an iPhone if you subscribe to a podcast via iTunes. It looks like this. If you already have the app you can search for 'Let's Discuss Show' and subscribe that way too. 

Have a question about downloading the Let's Discuss Podcast? 

Drop us a line any time! It would be our pleasure to help!