Episode 23. Our Highs & Lows of 2017 And How We Are Approaching 2018


We are rounding off 2017 with a special bonus episode of Let’s Discuss to celebrate our first year of podcasting.

In this episode we share our highs and lows of 2017. We discuss the greatest lessons we have learnt, as well as a whole host of other probing reflections on the past twelve months. 

With 2018 right around the corner we are sharing our intentions for the new year, and some of our hopes for the future. 

Stay tuned till the end of the episode when we round off a whole year of podcasting with a very special Weekly 5!

Thank you for being part of the Let’s Discuss family this year, we have absolutely LOVED sharing our first year of podcasting with you!

We hope you’ll enjoy your bonus episode! Here’s to a fantastic new year ahead!


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Monica’s Peaks


Big Small Business - Monica’s conference and community co-founded with Laura Turner of Hero

Learn more about BSB here: Small & Mighty podcast, Season 2, episode 7. 

Let’s Discuss - of course! 



Monica’s parents sold their business. 

Fun with friends! 

Eating! Specifically Oli’s cooking. 

Monica’s Pits


Career decisions - “what’s next?”

Hormones - up and down all year.

Ella’s Peaks

Progressing with home-buying. 


Let’s Discuss. 

Ella’s Pits

The stress of house hunting. 

Getting really run down on and off all year. 

A couple of romantic disappointments. 

Show Links

Kristina Karlsson’s episode - ep. 21. 

Farmacy restaurant in Notting Hill.

Tapas 24 in Barcelona.

Ella’s guide to Barcelona

Monica’s guide to meditation

Ella’s Favourite 2017 Outfits

Ella’s pink velvet suit. 

Ella’s red Next dress. 

Monica’s Favourite 2017 Outfits

Monica’s Lazul London blue kaftan

Monica’s Bardot blue top outfit.  

Monica’s pink Epsom Race Day outfit

Ella’s dream Podcast guests

Brené Brown, Cherly Strayed, Mindy Kaling and Tom Hanks

Monica’s dream Podcast guests 

Aerin Lauder, Stella McCartney. 

The Weekly 5

Tune into this week's episode for a very special Weekly 5!