Episode 2. Productivity & Procrastination.

Hi there and welcome to the second episode of Let's Discuss! A brand new podcast  by lifestyle bloggers and friends Ella Gregory and Monica Beatrice Welburn

Let's Discuss is a forum for us to share the conversations we have on all things life, love, work and wellbeing. 

In our second episode we tackle one of our favourite subjects: productivity and procrastination. 

As full-time bloggers we know only too well what it looks like to have a day lost to googling the Spice Girls' star signs. We also know what it looks like to have a superhero-level productive day, and feel like you are winning at life. 

In this episode we share our top productivity tips, reveal to you the procrastination temptations we succumb to, and ultimately the ways in which we stay on top of our to-do's. 

This episode is brilliant for anyone looking to improve their productivity, and stay ahead of their task list. 

We hope you enjoy our second episode.

Thank you so much for supporting our new endeavour!

Love, Ella and Monica x


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