Episode 1. Social Media & Comparison.



Well hello there and welcome to the very first episode of Let's Discuss! A brand new podcast  by lifestyle bloggers and friends Ella Gregory and Monica Beatrice Welburn

Let's Discuss is a forum for us to share the conversations we have on all things life, love, work and wellbeing. 

We know what navigating your twenties can be like. You are trying to create the best life you can, with the resources you currently have, and ultimately want to be the happiest version of 'you' possible. 

As lifestyle bloggers we write about what that journey looks like everyday. We felt it was about time to share that journey with more people, in a format you can download and listen to on your commute!

In our first episode we tackle one of the subjects which affects both of our lives, and yours probably too, the most: social media and comparison. 

Have you ever LOST yourself in someone's Instagram feed? Double-tapped an image of peonies, only to look up and see your pile of dirty dishes and feel rather rubbish? 

We know first hand what goes on behind a curated Instagram feed. We are opening up and sharing advice on using social media effectively without letting it take over your life. As well as giving tips on steering yourself away from the 'comparison trap'. 

We'd love for you to listen to our debut episode and let us know your thoughts below! This is all new to us so any feedback - we are here to listen to. 

Thank you so much for supporting our new endeavour!

Love, Ella and Monica x


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Monica's blog - The Elgin Avenue

Ella's Instagram account - @CocosTeaParty 

Monica's Instagram account - @MonicaBeatrice 

An article on social media and comparison - How To Avoid The Comparison Trap 

Thank you again for supporting our new show! x