Episode 13. Habits, The Four Tendencies & How We React To Expectations

Have you heard of the four tendencies framework? Author Gretchen Rubin has created a personality type framework, which helps you to understand how you react to inner and outer expectations. 

Learning which personality type you are can be hugely beneficial, as it can help you to create strategies for fulfilling your personal goals. As well as helping you to complete tasks which other people require of you. 

As differing tendencies, we discuss what it's like to be an 'upholder' and a 'questioner', and the tactics we use to maximise our tendencies and take on their challenges. 

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in habit-forming, and learning more about themselves so that they can complete their work more efficiently, as well as stick to personal habits they'd like to more easily. 

We also discuss strategies for working with people, or being in a relationship with someone, of a different tendency. They all have their quirks and it's super interesting to figure out which one you are, as well as which tendency the people around you are!

Perfectionism also comes up as we dissect how different tendencies approach the 'perfect' outcome. 

Be sure to click through on the quiz in our show notes to find out your own tendency! 

We hope you'll enjoy the episode! 


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