Episode 14. Chloé Watts, Founder Of Chloé Digital On How To Overcome Fear In Life & Business

Do you feel like fear holds you back? In our first ever interview on Let’s Discuss we welcome Chloé Watts, founder of Chloé Digital to share her career journey so far (spoiler: it’s crazy inspiring!) and advice for fellow girl bosses following their dreams. 

Chloé started her business, which delivers digital support to online publishers the world over, just four years ago. Now, with a team of twenty(!), plans for a swanky new office in central London(!!) and over three hundred clients internationally(!!!) Chloé delves into what her journey has looked like so far and shares how you too can learn to “feel the fear and do it anyway”. 

There are SO many great takeaways from this episode, charge your coffee cup and have your notepad ready . . . !

Chloé opens up about what it’s like to develop a team, why it’s important to go into ‘sponge mode’ and why it’s vital to write every idea and lesson down. Amongst so much more!

For our fellow publishers, Chloé also shares her predictions for the future of the blogging industry. 

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to add a big jolt of inspiration to their journey. 

Chloé’s approach to life and business is so down to earth, and her positive attitude is testament to the fact that it’s possible to pursue BIG dreams (and experience great success) whilst having fun, seeing the silver lining in everything and remaining overwhelmingly optimistic. 

Be sure to listen right to the end of the episode when Chloé shares her ultimate advice for pursuing your dreams, and we all share our answers to this episode’s Weekly Five.

A huge thank you again to Push PR for welcoming us to record! Your office is our dream space! 


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