Episode 43. Laura Jane Williams On Making Your 'Yes' Count, Letting Go Of Self-Imposed Guilt And Pursuing Your Own Path

Welcome to Season 6 of Let’s Discuss podcast! How quickly have two years of podcasting gone?! Thank you so much for listening, supporting the show and for all of your amazing DMs/emails and comments; we are always so (so so!) happy to receive them! 

This season we’ve invited a whole roster of incredible guests onto the show. We hope they’ll inspire you as much as they have inspired us, especially as we head into the festive season and think about 2019. 

To kick off Season 6, we chatted with the incredible Laura Jane Williams. Laura is the author of two memoirs: Becoming: Sex, Second Chances and Figuring Out Who the Hell I Am and Ice Cream for Breakfast: How rediscovering your inner child can make you calmer, happier, and solve your bullshit adult problems. 

We had the pleasure of meeting Laura via work this year and we were immediately hooked on her hilarious story-telling, warm nature and no-bullshit attitude. 

Laura has lived (what feels like!) 100 lives already, and in this interview we discuss a whole manner of things including Laura’s journey to becoming an author, her stint living in Siberia (really!) and how to let go of self-imposed guilt. 

We also talk about productivity, priorities and how to make your 'yes' mean something. 

Laura has so much wisdom to share, and we can’t wait for you to get to know her better.


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Becoming: Sex, Second Chances & Figuring Out Who The Hell I Am by Laura Jane Williams

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