Episode 25. Content Creation: Where And How To Seek Inspiration + Our Favourite Creators

This week's episode is inspired by one of our most frequently asked questions: how do we stay inspired as content creators? 

With 18 years of blogging experience between us, we are VERY used to seeking inspiration, and turning it into blog posts, photography and a whole myriad of other content streams. 

In this episode we discuss the weekly content we both create, how we stoke our inspiration fires, and the locations we look to for helping to bolster our creativity. 

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in blogging, social media or content creation. Or indeed, anyone looking for a little extra inspiration boost.

We hope you'll enjoy the show!


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Monica's blog - The Elgin Avenue

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Monica's Instagram account - @MonicaBeatrice

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Monica’s Pinterest - Monica Beatrice W 

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Show Links

Monica’s branding designer - Jamie Starcevich of Spruce Rd

Jamie Starcevich’s Brand Discovery Questionnaire 

Monica’s Vision Board

Ella’s Personality Test article 

Scummy Mummies Podcast 

9 Ways To Maximise Space In A Tiny Bedroom - Ella’s top performing post!

Chelsea Becker - Becker Editorial 

Our Favourite Content Creators

Gal Meets Glam by Julia Engel 

Cupcakes & Cashmere by Emily Schuman

Camille Styles by Camille Styles and team

Harlowe & James by Chrissy McDonald 

The Chalkboard Mag

The Everygirl 

The Glitter Guide

Advice From A 20 Something by Amanda Holstein and team 

Red Magazine 


Cup Of Jo by Joanna Goddard and team 

Episode 25’s Takeaway Tip 

Consume as much (high and low!) content as possible to stoke your creative fire. 

Episode 25’s Rate & Slate 

Monica’s rate: friendship getaways. Take 24 hours to visit a friend as a break from your day to day routine. 

Ella’s slate: plastic wrapping around fruit and veg.