Episode 35. Our Journeys With Anxiety + Expert Insight From Chloe Brotheridge, Author Of The Anxiety Solution

Anxiety can manifest itself in many different forms, and we’ve both suffered with it at different points in our lives. 

In this episode we're opening up about our experiences with anxiety - the points in our lives when it's affected us, the symptoms we experience and how we've learnt to recognise our anxiety and overcome it. 

We’re over the moon to welcome Chloe Brotheridge to the show in this episode! Chloe is a coach, hypnotherapist and author of The Anxiety Solution. Chloe’s advise in this episode is SO helpful.

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, think that you may be going through it currently, or are interested in an open discussion about the pressures of life and your mental health, this episode is for you!


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If you’re feeling anxious, or not well in yourself, tell someone about it. And if needed, reach out to a medical professional.