Episode 41. Holistic Health Coach Tori Boughey On Finding Balance, Chakras, Crystals & How To Listen To Your Body's Signals

When you feel unbalanced, or have a niggling sense that something is ‘off’, what do you normally do? 

In this week’s episode we talk to holistic health coach Tori Boughey, of TBalance, all about just that. From chakras, to crystals and listening to your body’s signals, we discuss the many ways you can heal imbalances.

If you feel unsettled, have a niggling pain or your confidence is low, this episode is an illuminating look at a holistic approach to finding balance again. 

Tori’s work is absolutely fascinating, and we hope that you’ll enjoy virtually sitting down with her as much as we did! 


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Everyone is different, there is no right or wrong way to look after yourself. Don’t ignore physical or emotional signs. Take time for yourself so that you have space to hear your intuition properly. Take a step back and look after you, and remember to say “no” to some commitments.