Episode 38. Naomi Mdudu, Founder Of The Lifestyle Edit, On Leaving London To Live In New York & Her Advice On Making A Big Move

Naomi Mdudu is the founder of The Lifestyle Edit, an incredible website sharing long-form interviews with creative entrepreneurial women. Since its inception The Lifestyle Edit has expanded into other areas including creative retreats, coaching and more. 

Naomi is one of our great friends, and we admire her on so many levels, not least for her courage in leaving London to set up a new home in New York!

Naomi now lives full-time in New York, and we were dying to virtually sit down with her and discuss all things related to moving countries in your twenties. 

Making any big life decision, be it for work, love or something else, is taxing . . . choosing to move countries is surely one of the largest you can make?!

We are so excited to share our heart to heart with Naomi which goes deep into the practicalities of moving countries. We talk about how to know if it’s the right move for you, how to set yourself up with professional and personal contacts, and what the most important things are to focus on.

Our time with Naomi was so inspiring, and we hope that you’ll love sharing her journey with us.


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Naomi’s favourite co-working spaces in New York: 

We Work 

The Wing 


How Naomi searches for great flight deals: 

Sky Scanner 

Naomi’s advice for short term lets: 


Naomi’s New York recommendations: 

Via Carota

The Butcher’s Daughter

Bluestone Lane 

Bar Bruto 

ABC Kitchen 



Sensuous Bean 



Take baby steps. Try short stay rentals in different neighbourhoods so that you can make an informed decision on where you’d like to settle in a city. Take your time before you commit 100%.